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This category covers historical topics relating to specific periods in American and world history, as well as historical events, such as the Gulf War and the Korean War. For historical information from a specific area, consult articles on the specific country, such as China or Russia.


The American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP) promotes preservation of significant historic battlefields on American soil. The goals of the program are 1) to protect battlefields and sites associated with armed conflicts that influenced the course of our history, 2) to encourage and assist all Americans in the preservation, management, and interpretation ...


The Our Documents initiative is a cooperative effort among National History Day, The National Archives and Records Administration, and USA Freedom Corps. At the heart of this initiative are 100 milestone documents of American history. These documents reflect our diversity and our unity, our past and our future, and mostly our commitment as a nation to continue to strive to form a more perfect union.

We want everyone ...