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Foreign Country Studies

General Information

Portals to the World
By the Library of Congress to provide collections of website links as selected by LOC experts for every nation. These links are to both .gov sites as well as outside servers. It is recommended to check both this site and the Area Handbooks as nations covered are not the same.

Country Studies/Area Handbooks
The online version of the Country Studies/Area Handbook Program, studies of over 100 countries sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Army. For the most part, this site provides information on developing nations. Check the page on Country Profiles for information in shorter format (and not all the same nations.)

Foreign Relations of the United States
Historical documents beginning with the Truman Administration (1945-) on diplomatic relations and activities.

A-Z List of Country and Other Area Pages
Covers various countries and regions of the world. Simple maps and images of the national flag are furnished through this page created by the Department of State. Links are provided to Background Notes if available.

Background Notes
Pamphlets from the Department of State covering various countries and territories of the world.

CIA World Factbook
Capsule summary of facts about nations of the world, updated yearly.


Foreign Labor Statistics
Comparative statistical information on labor conditions and development abroad from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Statistical Agencies (International)
Links provided by the U.S. Census Bureau to foreign country agencies that collect statistics. The links are noted if English language versions are not available.

International Justice Statistics
Limited number of links to United Nations and foreign country self-reported statistics on justice.

Human Rights and Population Issues

Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration
Fact sheets, reports, statements, and other information from the State Department on actions concerning refugees and migrant populations.

International Data Base
Demographic and socioeconomic data for over 200 countries from the US Census, searchable by a variety of characteristics. Some information available for future trends.

International Gross Domestic Product
Data tables for GDP, energy consumption, and carbon dixoide emissions.

International Refugee and Health (CDC)
Federal government projects, past and current, in the international community on health issues and threats from the Center for Disease Control

Human Rights
U.S. government reports, remarks and links on human rights throughout the world. The Country Reports links provide access to both current and archival (back to 1993) publications.

International Organizations and Foreign Government Agencies (Health-related information)
Links to international and national agencies for health and disease of humans and food products.

Issues and Press
Capsule summaries of a wide variety of issues from the State Department with links to transcripts and documents.

Political and Legal Affairs

Bureau of Consular Affairs Homepage
A Department of State web site with a focus on foreign travel related information, see link on Law & Policy for legal topics. See also U.S. Embassies and Other Diplomatic Missions for U.S. Embassy, Mission, and Consulate homepages worldwide.

World Leaders
(Formerly titled "Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments.) This site provides names and office of government officials as compiled by the CIA. It does not provide contact information (email or postal addresses or telephone numbers.)

Nations of the World From the Law Library of Congress. Links by nation to the executive, judicial and legislative areas of government, including current and historical constitutions.

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