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Naval Historical Center

The Naval Historical Center has extensive resources on wars and conflicts fought by the U.S. Navy from the Revolution to the present time. The Center manages the Navy Department Library, twelve Navy museums, art collections, archives, and an underwater archaeology program. The Center prepares and publishes reference, documentary, analytical, and narrative works on the history of the United States Navy.

  • The Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships compiles ship histories from the Bohnomme Richard of John Paul Jones to the most modern carriers.
  • The Navy Art Collection has scenes from American naval history for all eras.
  • The Online Reading Room includes biographies, reference entries, historical reports, articles and memoirs from the whole of American naval history, indexed by era and by subjects.
  • The Online Library of Selected Images has an extensive collection of images of vessels and naval actions, including Confederate ships, prominent naval officers, aircraft, and historical images of life aboard ship in times past.
  • Wars and Conflicts of the U.S. Navy contain overviews of naval conflicts, missions and actions in our country's history, including timelines, biographies, bibliographies, and original documents.

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