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Ecosystems (USGS)


Ecosystems, according to the website, are "integrated systems of organisms interacting with their physical environments," and the USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) "conducts research and monitoring to develop and convey a fundamental understanding of ecosystem function and distributions."

Major sub-topics of particular interest regarding wildlife are:

Wildlife: Terrestrial and ...

Fish and Wildlife Service


The Fish and Wildlife Service is a sub-agency in the Department of the Interior which supports programs to conserve, protect, and enhance fish and wildlife and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people.

The main page links to informational pages on major topics of substantial public interest, including Endangered Species and 

Forest Service


The Forest Service, established in 1905 and an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is responsible for the management of our National Forests and National Grasslands.

Their operations have impacts on a wide variety of recreational, economic, conservation activities, and wildlife. The website makes it easy to find detailed information on any of the Forest Service's units either by unit name or by state. Information available for each unit includes alerts for such important hap ...

National Park Service: Biological Resources


Our National Parks are most importantly homes for wildlife, as well as showcases for plants and animals. The National Park Service supports research projects that "protect, preserve, and manage biological resources and related ecosystem processes in the national park system." And they make a great deal of information on wildlife and wildlife ecology available on their website.

The main Biologic Resources website ...

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center: Biological Resources


This comprehensive database of information related to the " biotic resources of the Great Plains" was developed to make this material more widely available to scientists and the general public.

Resources are arranged by:

  • type, including software, literature archives, and identification tools
  • taxon, or type of plant/animal
  • geography

You may also browse materiails by level (non-technical, semi-technical, or technical) or by audience typ ...


The Wind andSea Internet Guide is a listing of reviewed and annotated links dealing with weather, climate, and oceans. Topics related to wildlife include Fish, Marine Biology, and Wetlands.